Monday 15 July 2019

Expressing our true potential

Align your career with what you love
If we want to reach our true potential in life, it’s important our business or careers are in line with our deepest values.  
It’s the only way to achieve our fullest potential and feel a deep sense of fulfilment.  
So many of us don’t realize this and it’s a shame.  
We go to jobs we hate or run businesses that don’t spark any passion inside of us. We are mostly drawn to the stability of receiving a pay-check or the stability of having something that creates the illusion of stability and will stay comfortable at the expense of our own growth and happiness. 
Don’t let that be you. Make it a priority to live authentically …  
If you want to start a business or transition into a new career, make sure you take inventory of what you value most, and then make sure you let that dictate what to do.  
For example, if you want to empower others to lead better, richer lives, then maybe becoming a coach is your calling.  
Or if you are really passionate about being fit and healthy, maybe you can start a business that helps others implement strategies to improve their health. Health is one of the three biggest niches people spend their money on. And lots of money.
You may be super conscious of the environment, and perhaps building a business that makes a difference is the way to go, while creating a lifestyle brand for yourself.  
If you are exploring the job market and attending interviews, make sure you are asking the right questions to ensure that you set yourself up in the right organisation that is in alignment with your values and career aspirations. Perhaps the shift is to start presenting your CV as a business proposal. There has to be a mind shift change here if you are prepared to work for someone else and be happy.  
We all have something that fires us up. We all have something that we’re really good at and we all have something that somebody else doesn’t have. Turn that something into some form of financial income stream for yourself. Understand what your values are and what is important to you, regardless of whether you are employed or a business owner. When we’re doing the things we love, we tend to expand and opportunity comes to us, our creativity is boosted and we definitely feel happier.  
Get a coach or a mentor to help you put a plan together. Do some research as to the different avenues you can take in creating a business for yourself, there are so many free high-quality resources out there, you just have to dedicate the time to put action into it.  
Approaching our “financial” life from this point of view is absolutely critical to our long term fulfillment, happiness, and sense of success and purpose.  
And, it’s the only way we'll ever reach our fullest potential.
Align your career to what you love. Contact me to discuss our career coaching solutions.